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1993 Lancia Delta Interale Evo2

Produced: 1979-1994
Engine: 1995cc, turbo four
Power: 215bhp
Torque: 231lb ft
0-60mph: 6.4secs
Top speed: 140+mph
Weight: 1,340kg

Impressive numbers. The spec, however doesn’t tell the whole, or even half story of the homologated rally legend that is the Integrale Evo 2. It’s astonishing, and relevant at the same time. Small children who would have no recollection of the desire the Integrale demanded from now grown-up small children of the 80s and 90s, stare and point. This is a car which demands your attention. Whether you are driving or just looking and staring.

Maintained throughout its life, this European spec car has an interesting past. Subject to an extensive £30k performance upgrade by Petri Corse early in its life, it was returned to standard spec by Integrale specialist Zagato in 2007 at a cost of around £12k. Extensive work included fitting of the amazing Speedline wheels.

Loads of history, 85k kilometres, structurally sound, mechanicals strong, interior is almost as new. This car drives brilliantly, and it looks as cool as hell.

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