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1991 FERRARI 348TS

1991 Ferrari 348TS

The Ferrari 348 has finally come into its own. A fabulous mid engined v8 Ferrari which has often suffered from bad press (perhaps more a symptom of socioeconomic circumstance at launch than true mechanical prowess). Visual cues and styling similarities with its larger brother, the Testarossa, perhaps belittle the 348s own capabilities. This is a genuinely good car. Time has been kind to its compact proportions, and its side strake styling just looks right. This looks like, and is a proper Ferrari; a real junior supercar from the days when a supercar really was just that.

Rossa over Crema hide
Colour coded targa roof
UK delivered right-hand drive
39k miles from new
3.4 litre v8 with transfers gearbox
320 bhp
0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds
Bespoke carbon heat shields (and other nice carbon bits)