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1971 Jaguar E-Type Fhc

So, if you were to take the final iteration of arguably the most beautiful and important motorcar the world has seen, and try to modernise it for daily driving, what would you do? Would you make it more luxurious? Warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer? Would you make it quicker and smoother? Easier to steer and drive?

Would you change the way it looks to blend in with modern luxury traffic?… Now Hang on…

This is an incredible ground up re-engineered and rebuilt E-Type Jaguar. Finished with a quality not relevant in 1971, and with materials not available to Jaguar Cars. Here's a brief list:
A fastidious nut and bolt, bare metal build to a very high standard
Fuel injection (original engine block)
Uprated cooling
2.88:1 limited slip diff
A.P. brakes with grooved and vented disks
Power steering
Air conditioning
Electric windows
Stereo with DAB and Bluetooth
Beautiful, very high grade bespoke leather upholstery to everything, including headlining
Wilton carpets
Hand burred walnut dash
Original dials refinished in old English white
Toggle switches (like a series 1)
Nardi steering wheel (very, very expensive)

…and absolutely standard from the outside (apart from the rather fabulous paintwork and very straight panels).

Interesting things divide opinion. Purists may not like it, but those who get it will really love it, and it will be hard for anyone to not admire it.

What do you think?