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W.D.WINS Le Mans Roadster

Glamorous, dangerous, elusive, pioneering… Sportscar Racing in the 1950s was certainly all of these things, epitomised perhaps by the 24 hours race of Le Mans.

The first Le Mans race was run in 1923; an endurance through public roads dominated by French, British and Italian teams driving Bugatti, Bentley and Alfa Romeo. By the mid 50s, and following the formation of the World Sportscar Championship, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar began sending multiple car teams backed by their respective factories to compete for championship wins and also for share in a global sportscar market.

1955 saw the appearance of 3 properly modern BMC prototype race cars. With a new chassis and special aluminium body, prototype EX182 from MG was quite a departure from the TD that it followed, and 2 of the cars finished an impressive 5th and 6th in class within an established field from the likes of Mercedes Benz and Triumph and despite chaos within an already dramatic race where Pierre Levegh's Mercedes Benz was catapulted into a crowd and killing over 80 spectators. Following tragic and fatal accidents later that year at the Ulster TT, BMC was to withdraw MG as a works team from Sportscar Racing. Prototype EX182 continued to be campaigned by privateers, and BMC developed into the successful MGA Roadster, selling over 100,000 cars between 1956 and 1962

The Le Mans Roadster from W.D.Wins is an evocation of the pioneering glamour, speed and endurance from Le Mans. Based on an MGA Roadster, with bespoke styling, and with historical relevance, it epitomises the era of Hawthorn and Moss, and the development of the great British Sportcar.

The W.D.Wins Le Mans Roadster is available to order as a bespoke package with performance and styling upgrades to suit its driver. Brooklands screens, Connolly leather interior, and more purposeful powertains can be specified, as can matching helmets and goggles.

For sale is our prototype car, 576YUE – a 1956 MGA Roadster with upgraded 1800cc B series engine, styling including bespoke helmet and mirror fairings, and painted in Tartan Red with Black hide piped red. Ready to go, and perfect for the Mulsanne straight, Kings Road, or pub car park…

From £32,500