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1951 Ford Sports Special / Dellow

A very interesting little car with a fascinating history this open two seat sports special was created by Radpanels, suppliers of coachbuilt bodies to Dellow Motors Ltd during the latter part of the 1940s, and first registered in 1951. 

Dellow Motors Ltd was run at Alvechurch near Brirmingham from 1949 by Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe, born as an offshoot of Delson & Co, with the ambition of sports car preparation and tuning. Dellow went on to produce a small number of competition cars with an emphasis on light weight and rearward weight bias – perfect for trials, driving tests and hillclimbs.

Our little car, however is even more exclusive than the small number of Dellow cars which exist today. Created as a special bodied ‘E93A’ with aluminium coachwork by Radpanels on a Ford Anglia chassis, badged as a Dellow, and incorporating Ford running gear with a Ford sidevalve engine, Aquaplane cylinder head and manifolds and twin SU carburettors, it's certainly an entertaining and crowd pleasing drive.

Lots of correspondence between the small list of owners, some original documentation, and the prospect of more geneology will no doubt appeal to the enthusiast and collector. Rarity, beautiful condition and a thrilling driving experience will appeal to the adventurous country pub dweller.

Get ready for the question ‘What's that?’