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W.D.WINS. What does he drive? What does he wear? What does he drink? What does he think?


Leigh Jones

Great people, cars, weather and roads converged to create a memorable first edition of The Bear Run: a joint venture in aid of Velindre Cancer Centre, and conceived in Chantilly, France as the offspring of a champagne fuelled conversation.

Highlights of the day’s events to note included Joe Ledley’s acrobatic mechanical contortions, the Bentley Girls’ joie de vivre, the artist Matt Black, and some inspiring navigational talents.

Massive congratulations to Matthew and Jo in the MGB, which proves that you don’t always have to finish first to be a winner. Style over speed, and the ability to know your light from your dark side will always prevail… the force is strong with these ones.

Night time shenanigans courtesy of the magical Jasper Blakely, and selfless generosity from all of our contributors, crews and revellers ensured that our auction was a great success.

Watch this space for a the grand total raised, and we’ll also be releasing next year’s dates very soon.